Up to 1 hour per week
 – $65 per month
1.5 hours per week – $98 per month
2 hours per week – $130 per month
3 hours per week – $166 per month

Unlimited Dance Class Pass – $420 per month per student
Family Dance Class Maximum – $555 per month
Family Academy Tuition Maximum – $1,080 per month

Each additional family hour after 2 hours will be at the discounted rate of $36 per hour.
A 20% discount is given to individual and multiple family members enrolled in both Performing Company and  Gymnastics Teams.

SUMMER classes

Call the office to register for Accelerated Dance Classes – 503.639.5388

 Class Code           

B  Ballet
BP  Ballet and Pointe
C  Contemporary
CF  Conditioning/Flex
H  Hip Hop
J  Jazz
T  Tap

Teen Troupe

6.5 hours – $285

B/J/T   Mon    12:30–4pm    Studio CCA
B/T/J    Wed    9:30am–12:30pm    Studio BBB

Jr Troupe

6.5 hours – $285

B/T/J   Tues    4–7:30pm    Studio CAA
J/B/T   Fri    1–4pm    Studio BBB

Mini Troupe

6 hours – $274

T/B/J   Tues   9am–12pm    Studio BCC
J/T/B   Thur   1–4pm    Studio CAA

Petite Troupe

4 hours – $202

B/J/T   Tues    2–4pm    Studio AAA
B/T/J   Thur    4–6pm    Studio AAA