Up to 1 hour per week
 – $66 per month
1.5 hours per week – $99 per month
2 hours per week – $132 per month
3 hours per week – $169 per month

Unlimited Dance Class Pass – $430 per month per student
Family Dance Class Maximum – $585 per month
Family Academy Tuition Maximum – $700 per month

Each additional family hour after 2 hours will be at the discounted rate of $37 per hour.
A 20% discount is given to individual and multiple family members enrolled in both Performing Company and  Gymnastics Teams.

Call the office to register for Performance Groups Classes – 503.639.5388

 Class Code           

B  Ballet
BP  Ballet and Pointe
C  Contemporary
J  Jazz
T  Tap

Elite Acro

All classes at the Training Center

EA Petite    Tues    4–5pm
EA Jets    Tues    4–5:30pm
EA Mini    Thur    4–5:30pm  
EA Express    Thur    4–5:30pm
EA Troupe    Thur4–5:30pm
EA Juniors    Wed    4–5:30pm
EA Teen   Wed    4–5:30pm
EA Force    Wed     4–5:30pm
EA Seniors    Mon    7–8:30pm

Elite Acro dancers are required to take a tap, jazz or ballet class in addition to their Acro class. 

Hip Hop Company

Mini Crew    Sun    12:30–1:30pm    Studio B
Jr Crew    Sun    11am–12pm    Studio C
Jr Elite Crew     Sun    12–1pm    Studio B
Hipnotic    Sun    11:30am–12:30pm   Studio B
Cryptic    Sun    5:15–6:15pm    Studio C

Hip Hop Company dancers will receive more extensive training in hip hop. They will perform and compete locally and regionally. An additional jazz, ballet, or hip hop class is required for all company members.

Performing Company

Fusion  – 10 hours – $350
T/Co/J    Mon   4–7pm   Training Center
BP/J    Wed   5:30–8:30pm   Training Center
BP/Co/J    Sun   1–5pm   Training Center

Dance Force  – 8.5 hours-$332
BP/J    Tues    6–9pm    Studio CC
BP/T/C    Thur    6–9:30pm    Studio DAC
T*/J*    Sun    2:30–4:30pm    Studio BC

Senior Elite  – 8 hours-$323
T/BP    Tues    7–9:30pm    Studio AA
J*/BP    Thur    6–9pm    Studio AD
J*/T*   Sun    3–5:30pm    Studio AA

Jr Dance Force  – 8 hours-$323 
BP/J    Mon    6–9pm    Studio AA
T/BP    Wed    6:30–9pm    Studio AC
J*/T*    Sun    2–4:30pm    Studio CB

Teen Elite  – 8 hours-$323
BP/J*    Tues    6–9pm    Studio DB
BP/T    Thur    7–9:30pm    Studio CA
T*/J    Sun    1:30–4pm    Studio BD

Junior Elite   7.5 hours-$315
B/J    Mon    4:30–7:30pm    Studio CC
B/T*    Wed    6–8:30pm    Studio DA
J*/T    Sun    1–3pm    Studio CA

Juniors  – 7.5 hours-$315
B/J    Tues    4–6:30pm    Studio BB
B/J/T*    Thur   5–8pm    Studio BBB
J*/T   Sun    12–2pm    Studio AA

Minis  – 6 hours-$280
B/J/T*    Tues    4–7pm    Studio CCA
J*/T/B    Fri    4–7pm    Studio DAA

Northwest Fusion is a pre-professional company for dedicated dancers looking for intensive training that will prepare them for a professional career.

Performing Company is a talented group of dancers who compete and perform locally and nationally. 

*choreography class