Mini Olympics is a special time to share student accomplishments with family and friends. It gives each gymnast a chance to shine – a chance to be a star and receive a trophy for all that they have achieved! Our annual gymnastics exhibition here at the Academy takes place the second weekend in June. Exact dates are listed below and on our calendar. Students showcase routines and skills on several events. All gymnastics students are encouraged to participate. All shows include team performances by our competitive girls, boys and rhythmic teams!


June 8–9 —  shows will be held Saturday and Sunday. Your child will perform on one day in one of the shows. All shows will be approximately 1-1/2 hours long. View the 2019 Mini-O schedule.


Each participant will receive a Mini Olympics trophy.


Entry fees, uniforms and trophies are an additional cost. In order to process registration and order uniforms in a timely and efficient manner, we will assume your child is participating. Please let us know if you will NOT be participating. Your account will be charged a fee mid-February and payment will be due beginning of March with tuition and can be deducted with March's EFT. The fee includes a Mini O costume, trophy and FREE ADMISSION for family and friends! Fees will be announced January 2019.

If this event is a financial burden, please contact our Accounts Director, Lori Dones, and she would be happy to set up some payment options for you. Lori's email address is

•  If you decide to cancel after March 1st, a cancellation fee will be deducted from your entry fee.
• There will be an additional sign up charge if you sign up after April 1st.
• The final deadline for sign up is May 1, 2019.


Participation is not mandatory though we encourage all students to participate. For parents who hesitate at first, 90% of them reverse their decision around April when they see other students practicing routines, receiving their uniforms and getting their pictures taken. Some parents have expressed concerns that their child is too shy or might be too young to participate. Our past experience has shown that for every doubt anyone has ever had in regards to their child performing, the doubt has been replaced with a positive experience, a feeling of accomplishment, a happy gymnast – and a lifetime memory! 

Even if you are unable to attend the show because of prior obligations, your child can still receive a uniform and trophy so that they are still rewarded for all their hard work. If you would like the opportunity to watch or videotape your child another time, please speak to your child's instructor to arrange a date. They can also wear their uniform as soon as they receive it, and do not have to wait until the show itself. 


Gymnasts will learn routines during their regular class time and will perform throughout the show on several pieces of equipment.


Girls will receive a special leotard and boys will receive shorts and a special t-shirt. We will be sizing students during class in January. All uniforms will be worn for Picture Day and for Mini Olympics.


We look forward to sharing this incredible experience with you and your family! Mini Olympics is an event that should not be missed! If you have any questions please contact Jennifer Owens at