Up to 1 hour per week
– $67 per month
1.5 hours per week – $101 per month
2nd class per week – 10% discount
3rd class per week – 25% discount
Each additional class per week – 40% discount

Students & family members enrolled in 2+ hrs Accelerated/Performance Groups/Gym Teams 40% discount towards additional classes

Unlimited Dance Pass – $450 per month per student
Family Academy Tuition Maximum – $700 per month

Student must be in age range listed by 9/1/17

5-7 Year Olds

Hip Hop
Hip Hop Express
Mini Express 1 & 2
Pre-Ballet 1 & 2 Tap/Jazz/Tumble 1 & 2

Acrobatics is designed to teach the proper drills, progressions and flexibility training to students who want to learn basic Gymnastics and Acro skills for Cheerleading, Dance Teams and advanced Acrobatic classes. Wear any color leotard, bike shorts or dance pants. Beige jazz shoes are recommended. 
Hip Hop is a high energy class highlights popular dance steps seen in current music videos. Music and dance moves are always age appropriate, fast paced and fun! Wear comfortable athletic clothing and any black sneaker preferably converse style to be worn only in class. Hip Hop Express is a teacher placement class for those ready to build on their skills.
Mini Express 1 & 2 is a teacher placement Ballet/Tap/Jazz classes for dancers wishing to expand their dance education to a more accelerated level. Students will participate in our annual Nutcracker in addition to the June Recital. Wear any color leotard and tights for ballet; students may change into a dance top/shorts/leggings for tap and jazz. Tap, ballet and jazz shoes are also needed. Hair should be in a neat ponytail or bun.
Pre-Ballet 1 & 2 is a perfect class for the younger ballet student. This class includes ballet positions, barre work, floor, leaps and turns. Helps develop coordination and grace. Wear a pink or black leotard, pink tights and pink ballet shoes. Hair to be in a neat bun.
Tap/Jazz/Tumble 1 & 2 students learn the joy of dance and tumbling in a combination class. A fast paced variety of movement make this class one of our most popular. Wear any color leotard, dance top, dance shorts or pants. Tap and jazz shoes will also be needed.