Up to 1 hour per week
 – $71 per month
1 hour 15 minutes per week – $88 per month
1.5 hours per week – $107 per month
2nd class per week – 10% discount
3rd class per week – 25% discount
Each additional class – 40% discount

Students & family members enrolled in 2+ hrs Accelerated/Xcel/Performance Groups/Gym Teams 40% discount towards additional classes

Unlimited Gym Class Pass – $450 per month per student
Family Academy Tuition Maximum – $700 per month

All students are evaluated and invited to participate in Accelerated Classes by coaches.
All Rhythmic classes are held at the Westside Training Center.

Level 3-10 Team

Students are selected for more extensive training in Rhythmic Gymnastics using hoop, ball, ribbon, club & rope. All classes are held at the Training Center.

Recreational Rhythmic Gymnastics

This class is open to girls 6-10 years old and is held at the Training Center. Students learn dance and tumbling skills while using hoops, balls, ribbons, clubs and ropes.