New Students

New students should fill out our Customer Profile Form. You can download the form, fill it out and turn it in at the front desk or email it to info@westsideacademy.com


A one-time family membership fee of $25.00, includes membership & member discounts to all programs in the facility. A re-registration fee of $10.00 will be assessed upon re-enrollment in classes on any account that has been inactive for a 12 month period of time.


Tuition is based on 48 weeks of classes per year, an average of 4 weeks of classes per month. (Some months you will have 5 classes and some months you will have 3.) Scheduled make ups are listed on the calendar of events. Tuition is due the FIRST DAY of the month, not the first class of the month. Statements are emailed to customers. Late fees of $25 will automatically be charged to all accounts with a balance due after the first. It is recommended and encouraged that tuition is processed through the Electronic Funds Checking Transfer System. Our EFT system is 100% safe and confidential. Customers enrolled in EFT have the added benefit of charging pro shop items and other fees to their account. Westside Academy also accepts checks and cash. Credit & Debit cards are not accepted.

Recital and Mini Olympic Fees

Our year-end Dance Recitals and Mini Olympics are very special opportunities for our Westside stars to "shine".
On November 1st, a costume fee will be charged to all dance students for each class in which they are enrolled. Costume fees include: costume, costume administration (ordering, shipping, processing), and administration. On March 1st, a Mini–Olympics fee will be charged to all gymnastics students. Mini Olympics fees include: uniform, uniform administration (ordering, shipping, processing), administration & year-end trophies. Westside has a 95% student participation rate in these events and we are excited to see your child reach for the stars! Fees are non-refundable once processed.

Missed Classes

Students are required to schedule make-up classes through the front office. We do not pro-rate for missed classes or substitute for tuition payments. Indoor Play Park is available to use as a make-up (excluding summer). Make-up classes are to be completed within two months of the missed class. All make-ups are forfeited if the student drops from the program.

Adding, Dropping or Transferring Classes

The customer is responsible for notifying the office of any changes to their child's enrollment. All adds, drops, and transfers will be effective at the time of notification.

NSF Payment

A $35.00 fee will be charged to your account for each transaction that is returned “Insufficient Funds” or "Closed Account." This fee is non-negotiable.

Referral Credit

If you refer a new family to our facility and they register for a class, you can receive a $20.00 credit towards your account. Referral forms can be requested at our main office. This is not valid with any other offers or additional coupons.


Do not park in front of the door, along the yellow painted curbs or along the fire lane. Remember: Children cannot be seen behind or in front of a parked car. For everyone's safety, please use designated parking spots! Additional parking is available in the Tigard Cinema lot.

Inclement Weather

Westside Academy follows the Tigard School District for weather closures only. If Tigard School District is closed due to weather, the Academy will be closed until 2:00, at that time we will "re-evaluate" the closure status, look for an email at 2:00 to notify you of evening schedule. If they open late, we open at 10:30 a.m. There will be no Performing Arts Preschool or lunch bunch. For Saturday, Sunday and Evening classes, please check your e-mail for timely updates and notifications. You can also call the Academy and check our recorded voice message.

News & Information

Westside sends out e-mail to keep parents informed of upcoming events, classroom activities and general academy information.

Lost & Found

Please do not leave your personal items in the rest room. Westside Academy cannot be responsible for lost or stolen belongings. For those items that do get left behind, please check the lost & found bins located in the rest rooms.

Gymnastics Viewing Area

For our students safety as well as your own, we do not allow parents or students (not in class) to stand or sit in the gym during classes. The upstairs viewing area is designed for this purpose. If you bring additional siblings with you, they must stay with you! Westside Academy cannot be responsible for children not in class.

Parent Watch Week

Parents of dance students are encouraged to attend watch week. You may bring your still and/or video camera. Our Parent Watch Week dates are listed in the calendar of events.


Due to allergies of others, pets are lot allowed in our facility, with the exception of those used for assistance.


For the safety of our gymnasts, please do not take flash pictures or use video cameras with bright lights when taking pictures in the gym.


We have Wireless Internet Service available here at the Academy. The WEP Key is: 5036395388.

Dress Code

Please see dance and gymnastics schedule for specifics.