To be the Northwest's "Ultimate Academy" – the leader in education, dance and gymnastics.


Providing a safe, fun, positive environment.
Promoting creativity and fitness while inspiring students to achieve their goals.
Developing self-esteem by instilling the values of good sportsmanship, self-discipline, respect and accountability.
Enriching the lives of our students and the community through excellence in education, dance and gymnastics


Safety is everyone's responsibility – we care
Excellence and integrity – the "Westside Way"
Quality eduction and training
Listening with results


The academy was started by Carla Webber in 1974, with the original name of Portland Gymnastics Center and Carla Webber Studio of Dance. In 1984, the business was divided and the dance side was sold to Mellanie (Fletcher) Heniff, a former longtime dance and gymnastics student and teacher, who renamed the business Westside Dance Academy. The Gymnastics side of the business was sold to Chuck Richards, who owned Oregon Gymnastics Academy in Beaverton. He kept the name with two locations.

In 1995, Mellanie Heniff bought the Gymnastics side of the business and renamed it, Westside Dance & Gymnastics Academy. Many students at Westside Academy are “cross-trained” in both dance and gymnastics, and have exposure to many different dance styles, as well as both rhythmic and artistic gymnastics.  

1992  Westside adds a Preschool Program, a traditional academic preschool including dance & gymnastics classes

1993  Westside adds the Elite Acro Program

1997  Westside adds the Rhythmic gymnastics Program

1997  Westside adds the Westside Pro-Shop

2000  Westside adds another facility the Westside Training Center for the Elite Acro Program and the Rhythmic gymnastics Team

2006  Started Ballet Company

2009  Started Hip Hop Company

2012  Westside started the Excel Gymnastics Program

2012  Westside Started the Dance Troupe