summer TUITION

Up to 1 hour per week
– $68 per month
1.5 hours per week – $102 per month
2nd class per week – 10% discount
3rd class per week – 25% discount
Each additional class per week – 40% discount

Students & family members enrolled in 2+ hrs Accelerated/Performance Groups/Gym Teams receive 40% discount towards additional classes

Unlimited Dance Pass – $450 per month per student
Family Academy Tuition Maximum – $700 per month

Elite Acro

Elite Acro dancers are required to take a tap, jazz or ballet class in addition to their Acro class. 
All classes are held at the Training Center.

Hip Hop Company

Hip Hop Company dancers will receive more extensive training in hip hop. They will perform and compete locally and regionally. An additional jazz, ballet, or hip hop class is required for all company members.

Performing Company

Northwest Fusion is a pre-professional company for dedicated dancers looking for intensive training that will prepare them for a professional career.
Performing Company is a talented group of dancers who compete and perform locally and nationally. 
Optional Specialty Workshops are classes designed for advanced dancers looking for more extensive training (these classes are not included in the Family Academy Tuition Max).